The Chronicles of Blind

We escaped the Golden Sorcerers and their machinations greatly reduced. The Battle at Blacktree and the Bridge of Tears saw them turn upon us in their victory, striking us in the rearguard. Flick and Swift were killed instantly when the Grinning Man turned the Bridge into a boiling soup of magma that fused with the river bottom. Candles was next to go as he staved off the curdling magics of Raze; only Shiny, the weakest of the Company wizards, survived the encounter.

We fled for several nights straight through the Ebony Hills without rest. This is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and dictate to write. We have arrived in Amaranth, the capitol of Anthurium and agreed to a contract to serve the Empyrean Emperor Batham III, the ruler of this benighted land, in his wars with his two brothers, the pretenders to the Empyrean Throne.

Better than being wiped out by angry sorcerers.

Chronicles of the Crow

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