The War of Gold

First of all things, look to your allies. If you cannot trust those whom you fight for, you can trust nothing.
—Precepts of War, Falthus

The War of Gold was fought in the Kingdom of Aix along the southern shores of the Sea of Lights. It has its origins in the conflict between the Golden Sorcerers and the Temple of Aix. In 1217 YC the actual war broke out between the two powers. The three Golden Sorcerers opened hostilities with the Temple, hiring the Company of the Crow to serve them.

The Company’s Captain, Nah Khud, was slain in an engagement at Highwater and the Company left the Sorcerers service after they were abandoned during that confrontation with the Temple’s troops. Subsequently, Tamar al-Saif, “the Sword”, was made Captain and he switched the Company’s allegiance to the Temple.

The Temple voided their contract by non-payment and the Golden Sorcerers offered to re-hire them. The war went well until its final conflict at the Battle of Blacktree when the Golden Sorcerers, now finished with the “treacherous” Company, turned on them and murdered over half of the surviving members. The rest were scattered among the Ebony Hills.

The War of Gold is recorded in the Chronicle of Blind.

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The War of Gold

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