Index of Deities

Pray only to your sword, and to yourself.
—Precepts of War, Falthus

The gods of Haeon are numerous—too numerous to count. However, the most important ones that have been encountered by the Company are listed here.

Langre Loit

Langre Loit, the Dawning Sun, is the most worshipped god in Aix and the patron of the Temple of Aix.


The tutelary deity of the Orgaed family, Alithia has been the chief amongst Anthur gods in Anthurium for nearly 80 years. Her temple is dedicated to warcraft, theory, and knowledge and her symbol is the snow-white owl. While Orgaed Batham’s personal heraldry depicts a black owl on a gold field, the Pretenders bear three white owls on a black field.

The Seven Spirits

The guides and guardians of the Masked Priesthood, the Seven Spirits rule the Aithioptic lands of the Red Cities. They are worshipped by the Masked Priests and all the peoples of the Red Cities. The Priesthood serves as the hinge of every level of society in the land of the Aithiopts, particularly the funerary customs and the witnessing of written documentation.

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Index of Deities

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