Golden Sorcerers

Sorcery is, above all else, the art of deception.

The Grinning Man, Raze, and The Black Magician are the chosen names of the three Golden Sorcerers, who rule in Aix.

They formed a triune pact in 1121 when the last King of Aix perished. The three Golden Sorcerers each wear masks of hammered gold and have chosen a series of proxy-kings since they took control of backwater Aix. Rumor says that they hail from the Isles of Lor, though this has never been substantiated.

The Sorcerers have butted heads with the Temple of Aix repeatedly. In the recent the War of Gold (Blind’s Chronicle), the Golden Sorcerers finally defeated the Temple of Aix with the help of the Company of the Crow.

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Golden Sorcerers

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