If anything from this time will last, it shall be Anthur; not the Empire itself, or its dictates, but its people, who live in the most blessed land of Haeon, where the weight of history itself presses down like ruins.

Ancient Empire
Language: Anthur, High Anthur
Coinage: fen, deniers, nomisma

The ancient empire of Anthurium once stood astride the Sea of Lights and the Sea of Smoke in the Antique Age of Haeon. The Anthur Emperors made war on the Symachine League, the Koskor Barbarians, and essentially everyone within arm’s reach. It was said that in those days, the Anthur would only elevate an Avatar-Emperor to the high seat of the land—that is, one so skilled in magic that he was himself nearly a god. The religion of the Anthurium focused on the worship of the Emperor and his Family as faces of the Gods, their living aspects clad in flesh and smoke.

These days, Anthurium is much humbled. The capital at Amaranth remains one of the most impressive sights in the northern stretches of Haeon, but the far-flung arms of her empire have atrophied and collapsed. Anthurium is now ruled by petty kings that still style themselves Empyrean Emperors, notably Orgaed Batham III who now contends in mortal strife against his two brothers, the Pretenders.

Anthurium’s cities and towns are decidedly feudal and it is, in reality, controlled by various alliances of regional magnates. Dukes and Counts rule the court, and their ever changing allegiances provide the fortune behind this or that claimant to the throne.

Important People in Anthurium

Duke Medri Avogar — Duke Medri is the Grand Marshal of Anthur, and as such decidedly on the Emperor’s side.

Count Valos Thorian — Count Thorian of the Valos house rules some of the largest expanses of the Anthur borderlands. He was named a Marquis by Batham’s father, Orgaed Alath, but he now leads the coalition supporting Batham’s younger brother Orgaed Morthain.


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