By what a man reveres shall you know the value of his spirit.

Money: brass obols, copper falca, silver pennies, golden masks
Languages: Valaix, Low Anthur, Vastrian

Aix is a kingdom bordered on the south by the stretches of the Ebony Hills, on the north by the Sea of Smoke, in the east by the River Krathis, and in the west by the Gray Mountains. It has its foundation in the Year 1004 of the Conjunction when the magnate Othus Meillor conquered his neighbors and united the coast of the Sea of Smoke.

In 1121, however, the last Othus king perished and the land was thrown into turmoil… until the appearance of three sorcerers that some say hailed from Lor who sat another king upon the throne. Since 1121, the triune rulership of the Golden Sorcerers has propped up the various noble lines claiming the Aixian throne.

The land of Aix is a fair one, full of fine flowering fields and meadows. The people are generally peaceful, and they do much trade with their neighbors. The Ebony Hills are nominally part of Aix, though they present a barely controlled borderland full of small villages and tribal people that recognize no overlords and no tax collectors.

The capitol of Aix is in Morgaine la Chapel, where the king rules with the support of the Temple of Aix and the Golden Sorcerers. Since the War of Gold ended earlier this year (1227 of the Conjunction), the Temple of Aix has been decimated; the leading power of the land has been replaced by the Sorcerers and their chosen cult, that of Ygraine of the Sea.

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